Technological innovation
Technological innovation
R&D Center
2021-12-09 13:35:10

R&D Center sets up the strategic target “Strengthen Platform •Promote Independent Innovation•Apply Knowledge Management•Follow Market Trend•Cultivate Core Technology•Produce Fine Quality Products”.

       We have 60 engineers, who are formed into 6 specialized team, actively developing the independent research and development system and modular technology platform, to devote to provide the modular overall solution for customers, of which independent design capability takes the leading position in the industry i.e., Toilet system, Sun Visors, Kitchen Systems, Hatch Systems. The quantity of annually applied patent rights is not less than 15 items, of which patents of invention account for 30%. Furthermore we attach great importance to testing and verification of products, RAMS and LCC, including the implementation of advanced design system. The establishment of the performance simulation and fatigue test labs, modular product reliable test chamber, promotes R&D Center and provides the strong technical support. We have established long-term stable and comprehensive cooperation with several domestic universities, which forms the foundation and platform for the constitution of high-quality team and improvement of research and development level.

       Our team is fully capable to provide the complete solutions from concept to detailed design, from the sample to verification, and has been invited to participate in many joint design and development of new train sets. At the same time we have established 3 liaison offices in Europe, to ensure the prompt, non-barrier technical communication and service.

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Overall Designing Capability:

Scope of designing

    Interiors decoration:

    Window panel


    Luggage rack

    Partition, Cabinet, etc.

    Modular Product & Mechanism: 

    Toilet  and Water Tank System 

    Kitchen System

    Automatic ( Intelligent )Sun Visor 

    Front End, etc.


Provide complete and feasible designing solution  

 including 3D and 2D designing and optimization

 Mockup / Prototype

 Computer simulation / FEA(Finite element analysis)

 Testing Validation