corporate culture
Core values
Sincerity and Dedication, Customers First, Team Work, Aspire after Truth and Innovation, to pioneer and innovate
Enterprise vision
To be the world famous railway equipments manufacturer!
Enterprise mission
To Build World-class Brand. After years of development, we have formed the culture, mechanisms, processes and methods featured with Victall characteristic. We adhere to HR philosophy “select horse by racing, not by looking”, insist on Victall people as our priority product, through a variety of quality management, skills training and culture activities, to provide staff with a platform of self-realization, improving employees’ individual ability as well as execution and cohesion of teamwork, promote the continuous development of enterprise. In addition to the achievement, we haven’t forgotten our responsibility for society—making donations for the disaster area, caring for and participating in the post-disaster reconstruction. Launch a campaign to be a volunteer, provide donations for education programs of growing up of next generation, support to renovate community nearby… Victall shows the affection by actual activities and returns the society!