Technological innovation
Technological innovation
Testing Center
2021-12-09 13:41:21

 Testing Center(图1)

Name:Qingdao Victall Railway Co., Ltd-Testing Center

 Founded Date: August of 2008

 Main Responsibility:Product and parts of quality management of Victall

 Organization Chart:Belongs to Victall, with 1 office and 4 labs: Material, Vibration and fatigue , Reliability and CMM
 Personnel:Totally 19, 3 for management, 14 for testing and 2 for assistance

The testing center through the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) recognition on august 13, 2013. Registration number: L6340
The testing center was recognized as Qingdao railway vehicles reliability engineering laboratory by Qingdao development and reform commission

Testing Center(图2)

Test Equipment : Fatigue Test Bench, Coordinate Measuring Machines(gantry、articulated arm、QLF QFLASH System ), 300kN、30kN Material Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Metallographic Microscope, Breinell、Rockwell、Low Load Vickers、Shore Hardness、Portable Hardness Of Magnitude, Compression Test Apparatus, Cardboard Puncture Strength Meter, Cardboard Burst Instrument, Critical Oxygen Index Apparatus, 45°Flammability Tester, Portable air flow meter, Spectrum Analyzer, High And Low Temperature-Humidity Test Chamber, Salt Spraying Tester, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector、Magnetic Defect Detector、Coating Impact Instrument、Surface Roughness、AC Withstand Voltage Tester、Push & Pull Tester, etc. (See Below)

Test Capability: Mechanics, Chemical, Metallographic, Fatigue, Reliability, System Performance, Hardness, Material, Dimensions, Electrical Appliance, Environmental Test, etc.

Vibration Fatigue lab:Vibration fatigue lab was founded by Victall together with Beijing Jiaotong University structural strength test lab in October 2010, and was put into use in April 2011. The lab, covering 800 m2 with 1500L/min expansion capability, has a loading platform of 10m plus 8m and maximum load of 250 KN. It can test the fatigue limit of key parts and structures of military products, high speed trains, cars and trucks, such as wing, spring, axle, bracket, lifting socket, hull and so on. Organic combination of finite element analysis and road test data enables to expose quality problems occurred during the transportation and usage of the products.

The main test equipment:

Testing Center(图3)

Testing Center(图4)

Testing Center(图5)

Testing Center(图6)

Testing Center(图7)

Contact us:
Qingdao Victall Railway Co., Ltd-Testing Center
Address:No. 3 Branch Xinghai Road, Huanhai Economic and Technical Developing Zone, Chengyang district, Qingdao
TEL:(+86)0532-81107023-8208(or‘0’to Testing Center)
           (+86)13573297553(Mr.Liu) 13687610897(Mr.Chu)