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Compliment Letter
2011-05-16 13:20:39

To Tanche-Victall,

        We, as a customer of your company, are very thankful for your services.

        Thank you for your dedication and professionalism. During our rebuild for recall EMUs, your aftersales team under Mr. Wang Zhen has timely solved the problems such as materials transfer and test. Your well trained team has given best cooperation and support we’ve ever seen. 

        Your staff such as Mr. ZHAO YAN, YAO ZHENGQUI, LI YUAN, WANG WEI, and ZHOU YONG etc., would always spare no effort to be onsite whenever they were needed to be. And their professionalism has deeply expressed us.

        We are very happy that your company have such an excellent team. And again thanks for your dedication!

        With your cooperation, we are confident that we can accomplish the delivery of recalled vehicles on schedule.

         BEST REGARDS,



Material Supply Dept.
Aftersales Management Team

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