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Victall Secures BEIJING-SHANGHAI High-Speed Railway Operation by Topmost Service
2011-07-01 13:26:50

        On July 1, 2011, China Communist Party has founded for 90 years! On this elated and inspiring day, we see the official operation of BEIJING-SHANGHAI high-speed railway. The construction of 1318km long BSHSR, beginning on April 18, 2008 from Beijing South to Shanghai Hongqiao, is the longest high speed railway of the highest technic standard.

        The opening of BSHSR is critical in many aspects, such as fulfilling the integrated communication and transportation system, relieving the transportation pressure between SHANGHAI and BEIJING, connecting two major economic zones: the Bohai Economic Rim and the Yangtze River Delta and etc.

        The ballastless and seamless track has equipped with railway line, traction power supply and communication signals, and is environmentally low vibration, denoise and low energy consumption. With full range realtime security monitoring, the railway has the most advanced EMUs. It is operated by the integrated automation system combined with traffic control, dispatching, information management and equipment monitoring.

        Victall did its best to secure the operation of BSHSR. With all the staff on duty, you are always ready to be present in the service station. At the same time Victall Group has made detailed whole package guarantee plan.

        Victall has established five aftersales stations, including BEIJING, JINAN, NANJING, SHANGHAI and HANGZHOU, in order to guarantee the successful operation of BSHSR. 21 first-class staff together with 17 dispatched members has been arranged to be responsible.

        When visiting aftersales service sites, we found unimaginable pictures of your staff’s daily schedule. Due to the high intensity of BSHSR maintenance, everybody is on night-and-day shifts, and it’s quite often that they went back to the dorms on 5 a.m. or 6 a.m. Even in this situation, when phone calls came in, they would get up at the first time to solve problems for customers. As you have shouted out every time before the EMU station: “Customer First Service Foremost”, “Rapid Reaction, Immediate Response”, “Zero tolerance for problem, process and close loop”, and “guarantee 100% customer satisfaction”, your aftersales team is the most qualified four-have team we’ve ever seen.

        We can hardly imagine it; these young guys born in the 1980s and 1990s are doing such fundamental works day by day under such great pressure. They use their soul and heart to guarantee the stability of Victall-made and low its failure rate to the minimum. On June 11, on acknowledged of 380BL toilet material changes, Beijing aftersales station immediately contacted your OEMs, and began to take inventory. It was hot like fire in the stock, but the young guys knew that it is necessary that they should accomplish the task within a few days before the official operation. They encouraged each other, and it took only four hours to finish the first vehicle. Thus till June 20, they’ve finished all 380BL vehicles. But just at the night of that day, before the inspection, an incident occurred. A window was broken and the material is out of stock. They managed to find a substitute, and at the same time tried to find stock elsewhere. Luckily enough, a suitable spare part was found, and at 7:00, the vehicle was back to normal!

        BEIJING-SHANGHAI high-speed railway is a gift presented to the party for its 90th birthday, which is remarkably important and urgent. Thanks to your diligent and excellent workers! Your spirits and working style have added a great weight to our remarkable course!

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