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Win-Win Cooperation between Victall and Siemens
2012-03-22 13:35:02

Win-Win Cooperation between Victall and Siemens(图1)

        On 22nd March 2012, top company officer attended signing ceremony for Interiors of Munich Metro Project, which was held at Wien Austria.
        As one of the top 500 enterprises in the world, Siemens owns extensive business, which is known for strict requirement for suppliers. It was a evidence of strength that Victall could establish long-term strategic cooperation with Siemens, which raised our confidence to promote the oversea strategy. The successful signing of Munich Metro Project initiated the first step toward oversea market, which laid the groundwork for future development at Europe with strategic significance.
        Victall devoted to overseas market since last year, its framework has taken shape at present owing to industry development trend and implementation of “going global” strategy. Victall is building good strategic cooperation with Siemens, our aims are: to increase the overseas market share particularly in Europe; concurrently as the world famous railway equipments manufacturing enterprise, Victall will provide high quality products and service for Siemens to secure Win-Win of both parties.

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