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Tangche Victall Passed Annual Audit of ISO3834 Certification from WTI Harbin
2012-10-25 13:47:44

        To meet the international standard and improve the welding system for implementation of orders abroad, audit team from WTI Harbin represented by Mr. Lu Shiqiang carried out review for our system, Mr. Yang Ling, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Wang Jiandong, Deputy General Manager, Mr.Zhu Lixing, Deputy General Manager, Mr.Xu Licheng, Director of welding center, Yang Yue, International Welding Engineer attended the review meeting.

        For this review, they mainly checked documents of welding system, production field control, qualifications of welding parts, activities related to equipment and welding, including professional knowledge of welding supervisor. Audit team highly appraised our professional knowledge and completeness of quality record. They also put forward a lot of suggestion and opinion for our work, i.e. paying attention to the requirement of products, cost and capability to satisfy the customers during the review in early stage of project and technical review; implementation of ISO3834-2 9.5 for equipment maintenance account, capacity required to be recorded.

        Through the effort of all staff, Tangshan Victall passed ISO3834 certification, this indicates an improvement of welding system of Tangche Victall, which enhances the competitiveness of company and lays a solid foundation for development of international market.

        (Welding Center of Tangche Victall)

Tangche Victall Passed Annual Audit of ISO3834 Certification from WTI Harbin(图1)

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