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Successful Delivery of Products of 25T Trainset for Guangjiu Line
2012-10-25 13:51:12

        The ordered products of 25T Trainset for Guangjiu Line by CSR Sifang have been delivered successfully till 13th September 2012. The delivered products included dining tables and chairs and laminated plywood, in total 86 delivery items and 3000 pieces of products.

        The lead time for this project was less one month from ordering to completion. Within the tight delivery time, all departments make endeavor to satisfy customer’s requirement, which was highly appraised.

        Because of the tight delivery time and change frequently by customer, RD department confirmed the change with customer at first time upon receiving the notice of design change from customer in order to save time for correction, even corrected the drawing with engineers on site and took measures on products. The engineering technician worked at field for all day, provided instruction to operators, if problem occurred, they informed RD and project department at first time and resolved at site; under the cooperation of suppliers management department and purchasing department, the materials were arrived on time, for problem material, all worked closely to ensure the material arrival in advance; production department didn’t withdraw before difficulties upon receiving the production schedule, who made active preparation, increased the staff and work position according to actual demand of capability, discussed the process with RD and engineering department, continued to improve processing method to short the lead time, and organized daily clearance meeting with project department after work, to solve the problem occurred on current day under cooperation with other departments. The successful delivery of 25T products reflected fully that Victall is a united and endeavoring team. We never yield before any difficulties and can confront and overcome any difficulties.

        Thanks for all participants of 25T project, thanks for your efforts for the project and company, thank you all!

        (Group Project Management)

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